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SEO Services

SEO involves the optimisation of an existing website to improve its ranking in the major search engines (typically Google, Yahoo and Bing). SEO services must be treated as a long term strategy. Website ranking needs to be monitored regularly, as search engine rules change constantly and a static website will drop its ranking overnight. The initial outlay to improve a website's ranking can be high, but the return on investment can be significant. Yellow Pages and direct marketing strategies are not as effective as they once were. Effective Seo Services and web marketing services can provide an edge over the ever increasing pace of the online marketing. The Internet is the advertising medium of today.

Our costs are very competitive and we provide complete package of SEO services in Brisbane. Compare us to other SEO companies, or local marketing agencies. Contact us today and turn your website into a money making machine!

A typical Search Engine Optimisation Service will involve a maintenance period for an established number of months, depending on the chosen Web Maintenance Plan. Other Advanced Options may be included to further improve a websites ranking.

Web Maintenance Plan (Typically a 3 month project)

Depending on the number of pages to optimise, time and cost to optimise a website will vary. Better results will be achieved if all pages of a website are optimised. All SEO work is time based and therefore our fees are an estimate only. If a job may take longer than expected, your project manager will let you know, and give you the option to either remove the work from the website, or increase the fee accordingly.

The maintenance period will involve two major methods of optimisation, "On-Page" and "Off-Page" optimisation.

On-Page Optimisation

On-Page optimisation of a website is the first step of any optimisation project. If this step is not done properly, all other SEO steps or processes are pointless. The On-Page optimisation of a website by Axle IT involves many methods to ensure the web pages of the site can be easily read by the search engines.

Axle IT’s SEO Specialist in Brisbane employs the following methods of On-Page Optimisation (each Page will be optimised for 2 - 3 keywords):

  •    Keyword identification and Content Optimisation
  •    Page Title Optimisation
  •    Meta Tag Optimisation
  •    HTML Tagging and Highlighting
  •    Link Optimisation
  •    Image Optimisation
  •    Page Name and Code Optimisation
  •    XML Site Map Creation

Off-Page Optimisation

There are many techniques for doing Off-Page optimisation of a website. Off-Page optimisation is the process of letting other external websites know about your website.

Within the Web Maintenance Plan, Axle IT employs the following methods of Off-Page Optimisation:

  •    Search Engine Submission
  •    Directory Submission
  •    Link Exchange
  •    Monthly Reporting

SEO Advanced Options

The SEO advanced techniques are mainly Off-Page optimisation done by our SEO Consultant, but require more resources and therefore need to be offered as optional items. The advanced techniques are very powerful and can have significant impact on a websites ranking. Axle IT highly recommends choosing at least one of these options every month during the maintenance period.

  •    Paid Directory Submission
  •    Extra Link Exchange and Directory Submission
  •    Article Creation and Submission
  •    Blog Creation and Posting
  •    Keyword Targeting and Custom Landing Page Creation
  •    Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  •    Search Engine Marketing (SME)
  •    SEO Advance/Super Bundles or On-going Maintenance - Up to a 20% Discount!

***Please Note - All content created is still subject to review by the client before being posted. Any content which has not been reviewed by the client will not be posted on the Internet. Posting of content will not occur if any monthly accounts are overdue by the standard 14 day terms. Therefore, it is important that all content is confirmed within 14 days of receipt, to allow us to provide an optimal service.

For SEO in Brisbane, consider us as your loyal consultant. If you want to get more details, Please feel free to call us or ask for a quote.